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Not looking-for full blown retained search services but considering how best to recruit effectively? Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when an organisation transfers all or part of their permanent recruitment process to an external provider, such as Barron Williams.

We can act as an extension of your HR function to provide a holistic senior executive hiring solution.

Where we differentiate with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing approach is our ability to tailor our offer, to provide you with the most cost-effective ‘components’ you need to effectively recruit at the senior level.

We can assume ownership of the design and management of the full recruitment process, or work with you to create a more cost effective bespoke solution to best meet the needs of your organisation.

Some of our clients, especially those in more niche/specialist industries, have a comprehensive in-sector market knowledge. They can tap into established networks, identify prospects and compile their own long-list of suitable candidates.

We can work with clients to cost-effectively streamline and fine tune the recruitment process to ultimately ensure the right hire, from providing extra search-sourced candidates to managing the selection process or providing psychometric testing, for example.

The current UK recruitment landscape is incredibly complex at the senior level.

To effectively engage and recruit the top executive talent, you need to navigate a relatively tight market, stay up to date with the latest recruitment trends and have the know-how and resources to upscale recruitment capacity to meet demand.

Our industry experience, professionalism and a tailored RPO approach allow us to bring people, technology, processes, and metrics together to help your organisation engage and attract the right senior talent.

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing benefits of working with Barron Williams

– Significantly reduce the cost of recruitment

– Utilise the benefit of our industry experience

– Save you and your organisation valuable time

– Enhance validity and reliability of hiring decisions

– Provide external validation of your hiring process

– Improve hiring manager satisfaction

– Reduce the time it takes to fill a role

– Enhance the client brand

– Enhance candidate experience

– Simplify and streamline your recruitment process

This Recruitment Process Outsourcing approach is particularly relevant for small to medium or decentralised organisations where cost-effective recruitment is important without compromising on the need to recruit the very best candidates available. Companies where it is common for HR personnel to wear many different hats such as managing employee relations, wellbeing, training, contractual issues, payroll etc in addition to the hiring and recruitment function.

Barron Williams can offer scalability to the process and variability to the cost. We can structure the process and costs based on your recruitment needs, tailored accordingly. We can develop a flexible solution that achieves your recruitment brief.

What would our Recruitment Process Outsourcing approach be?

If you were considering using Barron Williams to help with your senior-level search process, what would our approach be?

As you may know, we operate in multiple sectors, with organisations of varying sizes and across all core senior management disciplines. Our specialism is our process.

We address your needs via search-based recruitment to identify and attract high quality candidates through tailored search and targeted marketing of individual roles, on an exclusive basis.

The key is in our thorough search process, i.e., the identification, attraction and then presentation of potential candidates who are a close match to the explicit requirements of a role, and a close cultural match to the clients’ organisation.

We access the whole of the market by targeting appropriate candidates, drawn not only from those who are actively looking for their next role but crucially, the estimated 80% not active at any given time.

This includes relevant company and sector research, developing networks of relevant industry contacts, and candidate identification, followed by contact with both prospective candidates directly and securing contacts who may lead us to appropriate prospects.

We are very thorough and it shows!

Our process and timetables are always tailored to the needs of the client and their specific role brief.

However, as a guide, I thought it would be beneficial if I briefly outlined our typical 5 stage selection process and timetable for the benefit of this article.

Stage 1

The starting point is to agree the confidential role brief with the client, and to establish target sectors, organisations and a candidate profile. An outline of the project timeline and processes will also be discussed and agreed.

Stage 2

Immediately on formal instruction of the search, we will launch any agreed external marketing, advertising and social media campaigns, depending on the specific requirements (in some cases, a confidential search only is required).

If applications are invited through external advertising, all applications are reviewed personally and communicated with professionalism. We are protecting our brand too of course.

Stage 3

Once contact is made with initial target search prospects, we will seek to develop their interest, and build our search network to identify further referrals.

Those prospects are then carefully developed, and initial conversations are undertaken to gauge interest and suitability.

Stage 4

The client is regularly kept up to date to date on progress, and after initial candidate meetings are conducted by Barron Williams, we will present the client with our recommended long-list.

Candidates will be briefed and meetings arranged in accordance with the agreed selection process.

Stage 5

Shortlists are finalised and arrangements confirmed for further interviews, including the client.

Subject to the agreement of our client, we will arrange candidates to take Thomas International Profile for Leadership Recruitment psychometric testing.

At the final stage, we will manage the offer terms until the start date is agreed, references are confirmed, contracts signed and a comprehensive guarantee is provided.

Our process as a ‘menu’

If you don’t require our ‘full service’ then consider which parts of our process may add value to yours?

– Do you need to complete your process in defined timescales and would value help in managing the process?

– Do you need to make sure you’ve attracted the best potential candidates from your own advertising and/or sector networks?

– Do you need to market a role confidentially?

– How valuable would it be to start your selection process with a longest of suitable, pre-screened candidates?

– Do you want to add validity and reliability to your selection process through externally provided testing, interviewing or tailored process delivery?

– One-offs or policy for all your senior hires?

Like our searches, individual solutions will be tailored to meet your needs cost-effectively. Email Us now to find our more.

This is just an overview our typical selection process and timetable, please also drop us an Email if you would like to see a copy of our full ‘How We Work’ document.

If you’re looking for your next role, then please feel free to Upload Your CV or Call Us for an exploratory conversation. If you’re looking for a senior executive for your organisation, please use our Client Upload Form or Call Us now.

Barron Williams

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