If that next executive hire is a matter of when, not if…?

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Recruitment not a priority right now? 

Understandable really, coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a devastating impact on every aspect of our lives.

In addition to the serious implications for people’s health and the NHS, COVID-19 is also creating significant uncertainty for UK businesses and the wider global economy.

With the NHS under incredible pressure, airlines grounded, and the retail  and hospitality sectors in total disarray – many of us are struggling with the very real changes COVID-19 is having on our lives.

How do we respond? How should we react? Do we furlough employees? Do we continue, business as unusual? 

This crisis is changing the rules of business and executive hire. There is a new type of ‘normal’.

The introduction of the Governments Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (covering wages for employees on temporary leave or furlough) and the Self-employment Income Support Scheme are now available, so could there be light at the end of the tunnel?

Executive hire is being relegated on the priority list 

The lockdown and self-isolation policies mean that many of our clients have been forced to close, or at the very least significantly downsize their operations.

We have, like other executive hire firms, experienced this. Our clients are focussing on priorities such as preserving cash. And rightly so, we all are.

However, as we adapt to this new reality, perversely, we are able to engage with search contacts and targets far more easily. 

Why you may ask? 

Well, home working and less travel are the main reasons in my opinion. But perhaps a more open minded response to approaches from high performer target candidates is also a key factor? 

Their, and our, realities have changed, things are less certain.

Whatever the reasons, we are talking to a higher proportion of the people we want to and, that means we are ‘pitching’ our clients role to more good people. 

This in turn is all leading to more ‘suspects’ turning to ‘prospects’, and ultimately ‘candidates’, with more ‘contacts’ referring us to high-calibre hard to find ‘suspects’ and so on.

And whilst the recruitment industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, perhaps people are more receptive to discussions about a new role as it offers some positives in a time of so much uncertainty?

A new way of recruiting 

For those clients we are still actively recruiting, of course social distancing is making our task a little more difficult.

Much more of the talking has to be done on screen rather than face to face. 

For us that is taking a little getting used to. We often do an initial virtual meet, but we wouldn’t usually move a candidate forward without meeting in person.

However, as a people business, we enjoy talking to people in different industries and sectors. We are adapting, and finding positivity from productivity.

Common at present in the COVID-19 crisis, it seems, is a willingness to talk. 

People are keeping their options open, and perhaps considering other opportunities more than they would have in the past.

We don’t claim to be an industry barometer, however, having spoken to many people in relation to our current searches recently, we’re certainly benefiting from an increase in the number of people willing to engage, ultimately to our currently active clients benefit.

At Barron Williams we are trying to adapt to the new normal

We are seeing the ability for many businesses to still function with personnel working from home. 

The recruitment industry is no different, and longer term maybe we’ll fully embrace this as part of the new normal?

Could more of the interview process move online? Will we see an increased use of recruitment technology?

A comprehensive review of ways of working is inevitable, and the lockdown has clearly strengthened the argument for greater employee flexibility and remote working.

Companies are talking about working weekends, staggered rush hours, working every other day and the like once the lockdown is lifted. 

Talking to people recently, many have talked about their increasing efficiency by using Zoom or similar for meetings.

I think we can anticipate more of this – less travel to the office and some client meetings too.

We’re used to interviewing by Skype but I think we’ll see more of this elsewhere too – so you better check those background bookshelves!

Talk to Barron Williams about your next executive hire or role

So, if you’re a harassed HR Director or time-poor MD/CEO (aren’t you always?). 

If you need to recruit a senior hire soon. 

If you think there may be value or advantage on allowing us to talk to people on your behalf in anticipation of the new normal… 

Please get in touch!

At Barron Williams, we’re perfectly positioned to find the right person to meet your tailored requirements when you’re ready to get on the front foot. It is what we do. Just ask our clients, we are happy to put you in touch.

We are all adapting to the current situation, and it would be brave of us to try and forecast too far ahead at this moment in time. However, if that senior management or exec hire is a matter of when not if, why not get ahead? We can get working on this for you straight away.

We all need to try and get on with what we can do and, right now, even working from home we can do this for you!

If you’re looking for your next role, then please feel free to Upload Your CV or Call Us for an exploratory conversation. If you’re looking for a senior executive for your organisation, please use our Client Upload Form or Call Us now.


Barron Williams

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